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Responsible for Reservations?


  • Manage reservations with ease, improve operational efficiency, and maximize revenue with SkyVantage Reservations.
  •  SkyVantage Reservations allows you to schedule flights, create and change pricing records, book reservations, and manage accounts — all from a single integrated solution.
  • Efficiency for agents who have access from anywhere and can book, change, and cancel reservations, while you ensure appropriate fees are charged.
  • Broad range of configuration options, including unlimited fare classes and pricing records, as well as  support for multiple languages,  currencies, and merchant account gateways.
  • Increased revenue through powerful ancillary sales capabilities, such as hotel, car rental, and tour packages.


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Do you manage Operations?


  • Efficiently manage standard and irregular operations with ease and confidence, while maintaining visibility into the status of your current and future flights.
  • Gain visibility into the status of your flights and respond to changes due to weather, aircraft maintenance, freight, and baggage.
  • Seamlessly manage irregular operations, such as adjusting flight schedules, managing stops, adding extra sections, adding and merging flights, and more — all on the fly.
  • Gain insight through an intuitive dashboard that visually displays everything you need to know about the status of your current and pending flights.
  • Increase efficiency in your standard operations and become more agile and responsive in your ability to manage irregular operations.
  • Streamline operations by accessing all functionality required to efficiently manage check-in and departure control.


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Is it your job to make sense of data?


  • Access your data at any time to improve airline performance and optimize business operations.
  • Save time, make more money, and become proactive in managing your business with SkyVantage Business Intelligence.
  • Standard and custom reports allow you to make the right decision at the right time – all through a single integrated platform.
  • Access your data any time and from any internet-connected device to continually stay abreast of revenue-impacting data fluctuations.
  • Take action on your data now, when it really matters, through standard and custom reports.
  • Harness the power and flexibility of the system by creating custom reports, tailored to the specific needs of your airline.


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Are you tasked with maximizing profits?


  • Implement revenue-focused strategies that maximize yield per available seat and ultimately increase revenue.
  •  SkyVantage Revenue allows you to glean insight from real time and historical data to drive your business.
  • Leverage SkyVantage Revenue to create a tactical plan to maximize profit margins in an industry where perishable inventory makes it difficult to manage your bottom line.
  • Gain valuable insight from fully integrated and available data to understand customer behavior.
  • Make your data actionable by proactively identifying trends that can help you maximize revenue through future bookings.
  • Adjust and fine-tune every aspect of your inventory system at any level, in real time and on the fly, to ensure you maximize yield per seat for every flight.


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Do you oversee IT?


  • Built with leading-edge technology and deployed in an enterprise cloud, AMS eliminates cumbersome installation and maintenance processes and allows you to focus  on improving your business.
  •  As our customer, you can access solutions and data in a secure environment, that is available 24/7, and scales with your business as it grows. In fact, SkyVantage has maintained 99.9% uptime for the past five years.
  • SkyVantage Solutions are easily deployed and allow airlines to get up and running with speed and efficiency without an enormous investment in resources.
  • Feel confident that your data is safe in an environment built to maximize security.
  • Access your data at any time and from any device.
  • Grow your business knowing that you are leveraging a solution that can scales as your needs increase.


“SkyVantage leverages the advantages of web-based software. That’s why we chose them. They’ve continued to improve the service and remain responsive to our needs.”

Stephen Montanus

President, Pacific Airways, Inc.


At SkyVantage, we have several initiatives on the horizon for this year. We are  excited about finding new and creative ways to help our customers save and make more money through enhanced offerings, features, and capabilities. Stay tuned as we continue to announce new areas of focus for solution enhancements, customer read more...

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